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A Word From The Managing Partner

The best time to build internal capacity is during an economic downturn.

The best time to build internal capacity is during an economic downturn. No organization wants to deal with an individual or institution that is 2-3 years’ stale when the economy bounces back. We’ve got to find smarter ways to get more learning for less of our budget. We’ve got to invest more in our people that are left during these tough times. We’ve got to grow internally when all else seems to be falling apart. This is the time.

I am therefore honoured to invite you for a transformational journey with Star Sapphire as we collectively design curriculum and develop learning solutions that prepare corporations for internal efficiencies, improved sales, superior service delivery, increased profitability and transnational growth.

We have developed and evolved Nigeria’s most effective Corporate Learning Model (P2S2T) as well as the most effective Training Delivery and Post-Classroom Impact Assessment and Measurement Framework. We are truly eager to share them with you.

Explore with us at Star Sapphire Training Academy.

Amu Ogbeide
Managing Partner

Our Approach

The borders of competition have become amorphous across industries and national borders. From inception, we have been global yet local and that drives absolutely everything we do for our clients – from the type of faculty on our programmes, to the design of our interventions and how we demonstrably measure the impact of our solutions on our clients’ corporate performance.

Our Vision

Since we set out to “Build a Global Brand” that transforms the African workforce, our brand has become synonymous with Excellence in Learning & Strategic Solutions.

  • We teach, coach and build tomorrow’s workforce, today
  • We serve Government Institutions & the Business Community
  • We design learning & strategic solutions to suit your needs
  • We link your processes, people and strategy for excellence
  • We operate from any part of the world

Our Mission: Why We Do It

We live by the mantra: “If not this, then what? If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

That’s why “we transform your strategy into results through a unique approach to organisational capacity building”

Our Values

If you demonstrate Integrity, Professionalism, Passion, Excellence, Innovation, Respect, Teamwork, the Courage to lead responsibly, Resilience, Adaptability, Flexibility and are Relatable then you share our values.

Star Sapphire by the numbers


Faculty across 5 continents

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Delivered trainings simultaneously in one weekend across 23 cities