Factors That Will Shape Business In Nigeria Going Forward


Nigeria will witness a new and faster pace of change, correction and eventual growth that has caught up with the country. Forces outside the control of any single individual or institution will drive this change almost entirely. It’s a change, whose time has come.

Public institutions as well as private organizations that overlook its effects will have its board and executive management caught unprepared.

In the view of the Star Sapphire team, below are some key factors that is shaping the country 2016 and beyond:

  • Macro Economic & Regulatory Fluctuations
  • Economic Diversification Effect
  • Efficiency and Productivity Demands on the Public Sector
  • Executive and Board Room Changes
  • Technological Improvements and Digitalization
  • Middle Management Competence Level (The Generational Transition)
  • Changing Products & Markets – What to Sell and How to Sell?

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